United Kingdom Highway Code Changes for Cyclists

United Kingdom Highway Code Changes for Cyclists

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The UK Government is hoping to amend the current highway code to favour pedestrians and cyclists when they return from their summer break, making United Kingdom highway code changes for cyclists that will give them priority over other vehicles.

If approved in parliament the changes will incorporate protecting the most vulnerable road users by changing the level of risk in favour of those who are at more risk on the roads in Britain.

The changes will mean that the heaviest vehicles such as Heavy Goods Vehicles will be at the bottom of the order and car drivers slightly higher, Motorcycles, Cyclists and Pedestrians will be at the top of the list and will be given priority over larger vehicles when it comes to road safety.

The new guidance is believed to include how much space road users must give cyclists plus cyclists will have priority when travelling straight ahead at road junctions.

United Kingdom Highway Code Order of Resposibility

The new guidelines and changes to the highway code proposed will create a pecking order similar to the one shown below, the weight and potential danger of each vehicle will be used to give priority to the more vulnerable road users.

  • Pedestrians (must act responsibly on the highway)
  • Cyclists (will be responsible for pedestrian safety)
  • Cars (will be responsible for ensuring cyclist and pedestrian safety)
  • Vans (will be responsible for ensuring all above are safe)
  • Buses (will be responsible for ensuring all above are safe)
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (will be responsible for ensuring all above are safe)

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The Highway code changes for cyclists are seriously being looked at and will need to be approved in parliament before any forcible action can be taken.

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With the United Kingdom Highway Code changes in 2022, motorcyclists should have better protection from other road users in the hierarchy system implemented, it is still wise to be extra vigilant when riding as many road users will take some time to adjust to the changes.

Keep safe out there – Happy Motorbiking!


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