Top 5 Best Tank Bags for your Motorcycle

Top 5 Best Tank Bags for Your Motorcycle

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Motorcycle tank bags offer a great luggage system for storing items onto a motorbike neatly, in this article we will show you our selection for the Top 5 best tank bags for your motorcycle.

What is a Motorcycle Tank Bag?

A motorcycle tank bag is a bag that fits onto the petrol tank of a motorcycle, there are normally two methods of fitting the bag to the motorbike tank.

  1. Tank Bag with Strap fittings
  2. Tank Bag with Magnetic Fixings

Some motorbikes have a plastic petrol tank so a tank bag would be fitted using straps, motorbikes with a metal tank, the magnetic fixing tank bags are a better option.

Many motorcycle tank bags come in tiers allowing the rider to add multiple storage options to the tank giving separate compartments for different items they carry, each layer is connected via a two-way zip which means the whole tank bag does not need to be removed from the bike at any one time.

A tank bag can be useful with each layer having a separate purpose, the top layer can be used as a travel bag for carrying items with you when parked, such as a wallet, purse, glasses, mobile phone etc.

Biker Top Box - Top 5 Best Tank Bags for Your Motorcycle

1. Givi EA106B Magnetic Tank Bag

The EA106B magnetic tank bag by Givi is a small compact tank bag but has many useful features.

The motorcycle tank bag has a transparent top pocket for a smartphone, and the main compartment has a 6Ltr capacity.

It has 2 side pockets with magnets to securely mount the tank bag easily plus fur straps to attach the bag for extra security.

There is a smaller zipped compartment at the rear of the bag for keeping smaller items safely, plus an internal pocket inside. 

The bag also comes with a shoulder strap so carrying the bag with you including its contents is easy.

The tank bag also has a rain cover for extreme weather conditions ensuring contents are always protected.

If you are looking for a compact high-quality motorcycle tank bag this has to be a great option.

2. Oxford F1 Motorcycle Tank Bag

The Oxford F1 tank bag has a 7 Ltr capacity and is classed as a mini tank bag.

Sometimes size doesn’t matter! this quality magnetic tank bag also includes a showerproof inner lining and has a transparent top pocket for a smartphone or map.

The bag has an external pocket for carrying smaller items safely.

3. Givi EA103B Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

If size really does matter this Givi magnetic tank bag has a whopping 33-42 Litre capacity with its 2 connecting bags making it a great option for maximum storage on trips.

the top part of the tank bag has a transparent map pocket which can also be used to hold a smartphone comfortably.

It comes with 4 pocket magnet holders which are removable, the bag also comes with bike fitting straps for a secure mounting option.

The tank bag comes with a shoulder strap that will convert the tank bag into a rucksack backpack if you want to explore different destinations on your travels.

4. SEEU Motorcycle Tank Bag

This large capacity 57 Litre capacity tank bag is a real beast, large enough to place a full-size helmet into!

It features two transparent touch pockets for smartphones, GPS, or even a tablet, plus 4 pockets for easy storage.

The tank bag can also be used as a shoulder backpack when removed from the motorbike.

The strong magnets that hold the bag have been tested up to 120 mph.

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5. Frank Thomas Cargo Motorcycle Tank Bag

This expandable tank can convert into a rucksack for off bike use, it holds up to 30 Litres capacity.

The tank bag comes complete with a rain cover for extreme weather conditions.

The transparent top pocket can be used for maps or smartphones.

The bag has a 5 magnet secure fixing, the bag can be zipped off the base which also reveals a secondary transparent map pocket as a great added bonus.

When Would You Use A Motorbike Tank Bag?

Motorbike tank bags are a great accessory for carrying items on a motorcycle, they can be detached easily and can be used as a day bag when walking around on short or long trips.

I would use mine for carrying items that I could access easily and quickly, simple items like a phone, wallet, reading glasses, or a drink to quench my thirst on a short pitstop.

When touring items are usually packed tightly into a top box or panniers making items harder to get at quickly, a tank bag is perfect for items you need regularly when out on your motorbike.

Do Tank Bags Get In The Way When Riding A Motorcycle?

A tank bag sits on top of the petrol tank of the bike, in my experience, I have not found them get in the way of my riding at all, the tank bag is situated low enough on the bike that it does not affect vision forwards or get in the way of seeing the motorbike clocks.

The only negative I can think of using a tank bag is at the fuelling station where it will need to be removed or lifted on one side to add fuel to the tank. In my experience gaining access to the fuel filler cap on the motorbike was a fairly simple procedure that may have added a minute or two to fuel the bike.

Top Five Most Popular Motorcycle Tank Bags

SaleMost Popular 1
Dracarys Motorcycle Tank Bag - Oxford Saddle Black Motorbike Bag with...
  • MATERIAL - The motorcycle tank bag is made of strong oxford fabric, cell phone pouch cover is made of clear PVC.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC - Powerful magnetic to fasten the bag on motorcycle tank, additional fasten belt with buckle if you worry losing the bag.
  • UNIVERSAL - The motorbike bag is suitable for most motorbike like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Harley, it's a perfect accessories.
Most Popular 2
Givi EA106B Easy-Magnet Tank Bag - Black
  • Small-size universal tank-bag, with magnets 6 ltr - Easy-T Range
  • New
  • Made in Italy
Most Popular 3
Rhinowalk Motorcycle Tank/Saddle Mount Base for Fuel Tank Bag/Saddle...
  • Top is made of waterproof mesh fabric: abrasion resistant and tear- resistant. Bottom use non-slip texture mesh fabric. Fixing point D-ring is made of thickened new material: high tenacity,...
  • Fix or remove the bag to the motorcycle quickly. This base fit for almost all motorcycles, will not obstruct the tank cap opening, quick fasten and remove system.
  • It can be fixed with straps with clamp buckle, tightly fixed to the rear of fuel tank. Almost fit for all motorcycles.
Most Popular 4
WILDKEN Motorcycle Bag, Tank Bag, Motorbike Tail Bag Rear Seat Bag,...
  • ★Durable material: polyester, good quality, strong, wear-resistant and not easy to be torn, able to withstand a large enough weight to meet your needs for carrying a large number of items when you...
  • ★Easy to install and use: This motorcycle bag is easy to operate and easy to combine. The hook is also strong and durable. The built-in detachable waterproof inner bag prevents the leaking liquid...
  • ★Various choices: Size: 10L:30*25*5cm, 20L: 35*25*5, 30L: 35*30*5cmOur products have three sizes for you to choose. You can choose the small one for short trips, and the large one for long trips. At...
Most Popular 5
Oxford F1 Magnetic Tank Bag 7l
  • Durable ripstop nylon construction
  • Showerproof inner liner
  • Device & map holder

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A motorcycle tank bag can add extra luggage space for smaller items on a motorbike making them easy to access quickly.

Tank bags can be removed from a motorcycle and used as a backpack or shoulder bag for carrying your smaller valuable items that are not locked away in a top box or side panniers.

A motorcycle tank bag can hold maps, GPS, and a smartphone for navigation or listening to music when riding a motorbike.


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