Best Top Box for Ducati Motorbike

Best Top Box for Ducati Motorbike

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Ducati motorbikes are a popular choice ride with motorbikers, whether it is a sports bike, sports tourer or scrambler having the capability of installing a top box or storage can really benefit the rider.

In this article, we take a look at some great options and show you the best top box for Ducati motorbike options and other side storage options that will add the ability to carry items on your bike.

Ducati Monster Motorbike Top Box & Storage

The Ducati Monster is a well-known brand that bikers love, it has changed several times over the years from a sports bike to more of a sports tourer with the current version.

Adding storage to the Ducati Monster can be achieved and we have located a great option that includes a top box and saddlebags that fit neatly to the side allowing plenty of storage capacity. 

Bagtecs Saddlebags Set for Ducati Monster 1200 R + top box TP8
  • Scope of delivery: Saddlebags for right and left side (pair), retaining straps, 1x top box, universal adapter plate, keys. Set consisting of...
  • Waterproof universal saddlebags set for right and left side with 2x25 litres volume. Made of Tarpaulin, waterproof, durable, UV resistant and easy to...
  • Optimum adaptation to the motorcycle by adjustable straps. Dimensionally stable even when partially loaded due to plastic reinforcement in the base...

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The Top Box is available as a single item if saddlebags are not your thing, this example is perfect for the Ducati Monster providing 32 Ltrs of storage which will easily allow you to fit a full-face helmet into it.

The top box comes with a universal mounting plate which makes it easy to install onto a rear luggage rack.

With a rear reflector, the top box provides added safety plus it is lockable with 2 keys supplied.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Top Box

The Ducati Multistrada V4 motorbike is an awesome sports tourer the perfect bike for all riding conditions.

This fun motorbike can be fitted with multiple choices of tyres allowing its versatility to exceed expectations for any rider, the Multistrada really packs a punch on sports tracks, travel, enduro or urban travelling.

We have found some great storage options for the Ducati Multistrada V4 Motorbike.

Ducati Multistrada Top Box 45 Ltr

Ducati Multistrada Top Box 48 Ltr

Ducati Multistrada Side Boxes 40 Ltr

Ducati Hypermotard Top Box & Storage

The Ducati Hypermotard is a 950cc motorbike that comes in three different models, the 950, 950 RVE, and 950 SP.

This model Motorcycle is perfect for riders who love to get an adrenalin rush while riding their motorbike, the setup of the bike is perfect for extreme cornering but balanced perfectly for safety it is very agile and can maneuver well in open road or city environments.

There are some great storage options for the Ducati Hypermotard which will add functionality to such an amazing machine.

This set of Alu panniers fit the Ducati Hypermotard perfectly for a full back rack storage capacity, strong aluminum cases which are fully waterproof.

This set makes this bike perfect for touring giving ample space for all your kit on the back of the motorcycle.

Suitable fixings for: Givi Monokey PL, PLX; Hepco Becker Cutout Xplorer, Lock It, Seitenträger; Five Stars; Kappa; SW-Motech Trax; Fehling; Givi Cam-Side; Hepco Becker; Touratech.

Our choice for a single mount top box to fit a Ducati Hypermotard is the Givi Trekker 52 Ltr Monokey top case, the box has an aluminum finish painted matt black which looks awesome and is very easy to use. The build quality is just what you would expect from Givi making this top box a great option.


In conclusion, we hope this article “best top box for Ducati Motorbike” has been useful to you when looking for bike storage on your Ducati, there are some great options for luggage including top boxes, side boxes, and panniers.

Have fun riding your Ducati motorbike and keep safe out there!


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