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Shoei Helmets Quality, Style, and Safety for Bikers

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Shoei Helmets produce the best quality motorcycle helmet for bikers, with superb safety and comfort built into their hand-made technologically advanced motorbike helmet designs.

- Since 1958 -

Shoei Helmets

Who are Shoei

Shoei is a company from Japan that has been creating helmets since 1958, the founder of Shoei Helmets Eitaro Kamata started producing motorcycle racing helmets in 1960.

Shoei Helmet Tech

Shoei helmets are handmade using state of the art technology to create the most advanced motorcycle helmets that are durable, comfortable, and provide ultimate safety for the rider.

Why Choose Shoei

Shoei produces motorcycle helmets that are world-class with vigorous testing that is second to none creating helmets for every type of motorcyclist, from commuter riders to sports racing.

Ultimate Comfort

Shoei Helmets are carefully designed to ensure ultimate comfort for the rider, the interior of a Shoei helmet is created three dimensionally to match the contours of a bikers head.

SHOEI X-Spirit 3

The Shoei X-Spirit 3 is the latest motorcycle helmet from Shoei designed for speed incorporating a 6 layer shell construction superior sport riding ventilation system and 3 part multi-density EPS liner.

Making Shoei Helmets

Shoei helmet manufacturing is second to none with a personal handcrafted method of creating motorcycle helmets, combined with high-tech technology Shoei helmets are made with precision press ‘Play’.

Top Choice Among Bikers

Shoei has always been the helmet that motorcyclists have wanted to own, the build quality, safety, and comfort are a perfect combination for any bike rider.

Quality comes at a price! and Shoei helmets are not cheap, having said that, what price do you put on safety.

We have already established that Shoei builds motorcycle helmets to a very high standard, their safety testing is also extremely high which is why their reputation for producing some of the best motorcycle helmets in the world, places Shoei in first place when bikers are choosing a motorbike helmet.

Helmets For All Motorbike Riders

There are many styles of Shoei helmets designed for different motorcycle riders, Full Face Helmets, and Open Face Helmets, Shoei advanced technology to keep riders safe on their motorbikes whatever type of riding they do.

Top 5 Bestselling Shoei Helmets

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Shoei Helmets for Roadbikes

There are many different types of motorbikes that riders would love to wear a Shoei helmet when riding, lets take a look at a selection of different bikes and the type of helmet that would be really cool to wear riding that bike.

Standard Motorbike

Standard Motorbike

The standard motorbike is a simple design that is built for commuting, it is a great bike for easy maintenance because this type of bike does not have all the bells and whistles that some other types have.

Helmet Type



A scooter is perfect for shorter road trips and commuting, a lightweight bike that is easy to ride, perfect for urban riding, this type of bike is popular with new riders who are learning.

Helmet Type

Sport Motorbike

The sport motorbike is designed for speed with sleek aerodynamics usually with a full fairing and a lightweight alloy frame to improve performance, the setup of the bike is designed also for high-speed cornering, a full-face helmet is a good option for this type of motorbike.

Helmet Type

Cruiser Motorbike

A cruiser motorbike is as the name suggests designed for cruising normally with a lower seat position and raised handlebars for a really chilled-out ride, great for cruising around town or local weekend riding.

Helmet Type

Touring Motorbike

touring motorbike

The touring motorbike is generally a much larger machine, offering a large amount of storage space for longer trips, they often have wide fairings and windshields protecting the rider from weather conditions.

Helmet Type

Sports Tourer Motorbike

sports tourer motorbike

A sports tourer motorbike is a mix between a sports bike and a touring motorcycle, they are usually higher than a tourer but have more motorcycle luggage capability than a sports bike.

Helmet Type

Motocross Motorbike

motocross motorbike

A motocross bike is a motorbike designed for rough terrain use, they can be used offroad as well as be used on roads. Motocross bikes have knobbly tyres for extra grip on dirt plus they sit high up with higher performance suspension.

Helmet Type

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Latest Shoei Helmet?

The latest shoei motorbike helmet is the X-Spirit 3 which has been certified by professional riders on track, the helmet is available in various designs, and as usual is high on quality, safety, and style.

Are Shoei motorbike helmets worth the money?

The simple answer is yes, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for, Shoei helmets have the best safety, most comfortable fit, and the best features compared to their closest rivals.

How long will a shoei helmet last?

Shoei recommends a helmet should last 7 years under normal usage after the production date on the helmet, but they do also state that it is advisable to replace a helmet after 5 years of use.

Where is the Production date on a Shoei helmet?

The production date on a Shoei helmet is located on a sticker situated inside the helmet under the padding near to the ear section.


In conclusion, Shoei helmets are a high-end product for motorcyclists, they provide safety, comfort, and style for all types of motorbike riding.

The manufacturing of the helmets is done by combining handcrafting and high-tech technology to create the perfect safety helmet for motorbiking.

Would you like to use a Shoei helmet on your bike?

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful for deciding what helmet you would like to wear on your next motorbike ride!.


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