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Motorcycle Trousers: Top 10 Guide for Motorbike Riding

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Are you looking for a great pair of motorcycle trousers? Take a look at the Top 10 trousers for motorcycling featured in this article. Biker Top Box provides an up-to-date selection of motorcycle trousers for motorbike riding which are inspired by the current top 10 sales in the UK, we help you choose great options for your motorbike or motorcycle riding requirements.

Motorcycle trousers are a critical part of motorcycle riding gear that protects a rider from the weather and personal injury should a mishap occur. With quality motorcycle trousers, you can be confident in your motorcycle safety, warmth, and protection no matter what weather conditions you’re biking through. These top 10 motorcycle trousers will get you started on your search for the perfect pair!

Top 10 Motorcycle Trousers Latest UK Best Sellers

SaleBest Selling Motorcycle Trousers 1
Oxford Products Rainseal Pant Waterproof Motorcycle Over Trousers,...
  • Climate Control: Durable waterproof shell.
  • Fabric: Fully taped seams; Half mesh lined.
  • Construction: Folds into waistpack; 360° reflective detailing.
  • Adjustability: Elasticated waist and hems.
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 2
Richa 100% Waterproof RAINWARRIOR Over Trousers (M)
  • 100% Waterproof & Lined Hard Wearing Nylon
  • Double Velcro Legs for Tighter Fit
  • Unisex sizes
  • Elasticated and Draw Cord Waist
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 3
Texpeed Mens All Black Waterproof Armoured Motorcycle Motorbike Biker...
  • Made from quality 600D Korean Cordura material. Double layered at key areas. Featuring a breathable Reissa waterproof lining.
  • Complete with free CE EN 1621-1 hip & knee armour - Fully removable, just like it's thermal quilted lining, making the trousers perfect for all seasons!
  • Quality YKK zips are used throughout the product. Including an 11" ankle zip to allow ease whilst taking the trousers off and also an 8" attachment zip to connect to our Texpeed Jackets.
  • Velcro strap over the ankle zip, which helps to tighten the gap and reduce draft & up-spray!
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 4
7RW100/S - Richa Rain Warrior Textile Trousers S Black (28)
  • NOTE: Please make contact with us if you are unsure about sizing. These are designed to fit over motorcycle clothing and slightly longer in the leg to stay fully waterproof whilst riding.
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 5
Sikma Men's Motorbike Cordura Waterproof CE Armours Trousers/Pants...
  • Sikma Cargo Style Motorbike / Motorcycle Trouser CORDURA 100% 600D ,Fully waterproof CE approved Protectors At Knees & Thighs
  • Fixed waterproof lining ,All Armours are removable ,Twin/double stitching
  • 3M Reflective material to increase visibility ,FREE KNEE & HIP ARMOUR, Great for winter and summer
  • Double layered bottom & knee sections YKK ZIP, Six outside pockets Two large front Velcro pockets
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 6
JDC Motorcycle Motorbike Waterproof Trousers Over Rain Unisex - Drench...
  • This is designed to be worn over normal trousers. 100% Waterproof and windproof polyester with taped seams.
  • Elasticated waist with higher shaped back to suit motorcycle riding position reducing exposure to the elements.
  • Adjustable ankle velcro with wide leg zipped opening allowing the trousers to be put on when wearing boots/shoes.
  • Reinforced crotch area giving increased durability.
SaleBest Selling Motorcycle Trousers 7
Regatta Mens Stormbreak Waterproof Overtrousers Black L
  • They're waterproof and come with an elasticated waist and two side openings for easy wear.
  • Pop on over your trousers.
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 8
HWK Mens Black Textile Waterproof CE Armoured Motorbike Motorcycle...
  • 100% WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF: Advanced REISSA material with waterproof breathable membrane & MICRO-MESH lining makes these motorcycle trousers breathable & rainproof. Two air vents for hot summer...
  • 600D CORDURA TEXTILE: Extremely optimal motorcycle riding pant. These ALL-PURPOSE daily-use pants can also be used as tactical pants, work pants and cargo pants.
  • PROTECTIVE CE ARMOURED (REMOVABLE): KNEES & HIP padded armour included with 1000D polyester cordura stitched on impact areas.
  • HI-VISIBILITY: 3M Scotchlite reflective motorcycle pants piping & Silver-White body thread and hi-vis logos.
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 9
Richa Rain Warrior trousers black M
  • Made of durable nylon
  • 100% Waterproof & Lined Nylon
  • Colour: black with Richa logo
  • Velcro pocket
Best Selling Motorcycle Trousers 10
Texpeed Mens Motorcycle Trousers Black Waterproof Motorbike Biker...
  • Made from a quality 600D korean cordura material, with 1000D to the knee area. Complete with Reissa lining to make the product waterproof. Removable CE approved knee and hip armour included.
  • The trousers feature x2 external pockets, and x2 zip down flaps to the front to help with airflow on those hot days!
  • Easy access taking the trousers on and off with a large ankle zip and velcro strap for tightening at the bottom of the trousers.
  • Reflective 3M scotchlite strip on the sides helping you to be seen. Elastication at the back of the trousers for added comfort when riding.

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What Makes a Pair of Motorcycle Trousers Stand Out?

There are important features that should be considered when choosing a pair of trousers for biking. Before even looking at trousers, you need to know what’s important in motorcycle riding gear.

  • Protection: motorcycle riders have a higher chance of falling due to the speeds they travel at compared to car drivers and passengers. Trousers provide protection from injuries should an accident occur by evenly distributing pressure around your body during impact with the ground or another object.
  • Weather protection: biking trousers should be water-resistant and windproof to keep you warm and comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Comfort and fit: trousers need to fit well so that they don’t flap around in the wind or restrict your movement while riding. They should also be comfortable to wear, with features like stretch panels or fitting adjustments.

Should Biker Trousers Be Tight Fitting?

should motorcycle trousers be tight fitting

Biking trousers shouldn’t be tight-fitting unless they are motorcycle race gear. They should fit well enough to stay in place while riding but not so well as to restrict movement or circulation. Tight trousers can cause chafing and scratching from the waistband rubbing against your skin when you’re on a motorcycle.

Obviously different situations can determine the fit of a pair of trousers but fundamentally a pair of trousers that are tight-fitting will not provide adequate comfort for general motorbike riding.

How Do You Choose Motorbiking Trousers With the Best Protection?

When you’re choosing biking trousers, it’s important to make sure they have a CE certification and meet certain safety standards. A motorcycle rider needs motorcycle riding gear that offers adequate protection against injury during an accident or if he or she falls off a bike while in motion.

Key areas to concentrate on when finding trousers with protection are the knees, hips, and buttocks. These areas are usually protected by hard shells or pads in the trousers and should be considered when making your purchase.

What Are the Best Materials for Motorcycle Trousers?

Motorcycle riders need to be aware of two things when it comes to materials: waterproofing and breathability.

Waterproof biker trousers will keep you dry in wet weather, while breathable biking trousers let sweat escape so you don’t get too hot while riding.

In general, motorcycle riders need gear that’s both waterproof and breathable to stay comfortable in all types of weather conditions.

Materials that fit this requirement include Cordura and leather motorcycle trousers.

What Are the Advantages of Motorcycle Trousers With Padding?

Motorcycle riding trousers with padding can provide great protection even against falls or accidents that could happen while riding your motorcycle. They offer adequate impact resistance to help prevent serious injury from high-speed motorcycle crashes. Armour and padding are important especially in the key areas mentioned above such as the Knee, Buttocks, and Thigh.

Are Biking Trousers Better Than a Full Motorbike Suit?

In many cases, motorcyclists prefer separate biking trousers to a full motorbiking suit as they are more comfortable and lightweight, however, motorcycle biking trousers offer less protection than a full suit. The reason is that motorbike trousers are not designed to be worn on their own. Some will have a connecting zip that may be connected to a biker jacket, which converts the pants into a two-piece motorcycle suit and provides extra protection for the rider when riding but allows the rider to remove the jacket for walking about at a location.

Motorcycle Overtrousers

Motorcycle overtrousers are usually made of a lighter but waterproof material that allows motorbike riders to carry them easily as a precaution against weather conditions. These types of trousers are ideal for motorcycle riders who want to remain dry should it start raining providing extra protection if required.

The perfect scenario for this is if you ride a motorcycle to work and it’s sunny but then you find it is raining for the journey home, a pair of waterproof overtrousers in your top box would be ideal.

Richa 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Overtrousers

Oxford Rainseal Motorcycle Overtrousers Fully Lined

No products found.

Which Biking Trousers Are Best in Hot Weather?

In hot weather biking trousers with vents on the side will provide better ventilation for motorbike riders. These motorcycle riding trousers are ideal during summer months when you’ll be out in very high temperatures, wearing trousers that have extra breathability can help prevent overheating which could make your ride uncomfortable and unsafe if it’s too warm.

During hot weather, a textile fabric such as Cordura would be better than wearing leather trousers because the leather will retain the heat which can become uncomfortable on long summer rides or motorcycle touring.

What Motorcycle Clothing is Best For Heavy Rain?

Although a good pair of motorcycle trousers will protect you from most weather conditions, extreme rain can eventually soak through over a long period of wet weather riding.

The best item of clothing to carry in a top box or side panniers is a motorcycle waterproof rain suit, this will allow you to stop in extreme weather and add more layers of waterproof to protect you from severe weather conditions when riding a motorcycle.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Trouser Material For Your Needs

Motorcycle trousers are an important piece of gear for any rider. Not only do they provide protection from the elements, but they also help to keep you safe in the event of a fall.

There are a variety of different materials used in motorcycle trousers, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Leather is perhaps the most popular choice for motorcycle trousers due to its durability and stylish look. However, leather can be heavy and uncomfortable in hot weather, and it does not provide much protection from impact injuries.

Textile materials such as Kevlar or Cordura are becoming increasingly popular due to their light weight and breathability. However, these materials are not as durable as leather and may not offer enough protection in a serious accident.

As with all motorcycle gear, it is important to choose motorcycle trousers that strike the right balance between protection and comfort.

Leather Motorcycle Trousers

Cordura Motorcycle Trousers

Kevlar Motorcycle Trousers

What are the Advantages of Leather Motorcycle Trousers?

Leather biking trousers are comfortable for motorcycle riders as well, but they’re usually more expensive than other types of motorcycle gear like Cordura or Kevlar riding pants. The leather trousers are popular with riders as they provide robust protection in all areas of the trousers, and they last a long time as well.

Leather motorbiking trousers have a number of advantages over other types of trousers.

First, they provide excellent protection against abrasion in the event of a fall.

Second, they are highly waterproof, meaning that you will stay dry even in the heaviest rain.

Third, they are very durable and will last for many years with proper care. Fourth, they are relatively comfortable to wear, even in hot weather.

Finally, leather trousers can be easily repaired if they become damaged.

In contrast, cloth or nylon trousers offer much less protection in the event of a fall and are much less durable.

As a result, leather trousers are the best choice for serious motorcycle riders who want to stay safe and dry on the road.

What are the Advantages of Cordura Motorcycle Trousers?

Cordura biking trousers are made from a very durable fabric that’s both lightweight and water-resistant. These features combine with breathable zones built into motorcycle riding pants to make them one of the most comfortable pairs you can buy for general motorcycle riding.

For many motorcycle riders, the ideal pair of trousers offer a perfect balance of protection and comfort.

Cordura trousers are made from a high-tech fabric that is designed to be both strong and lightweight. This makes them an excellent choice for riders who want the peace of mind of knowing their trousers will offer good protection in the event of an accident, without weighing them down or making them feel uncomfortable.

Cordura trousers are also highly breathable, which helps to keep riders cool and comfortable even on long journeys.

In addition, the fabric is resistant to abrasion and tearing, making it ideal for riding on rough terrain. As a result, Cordura offers an appealing combination of features for many riders.

What are the advantages of Kevlar Motorcycle Trousers?

Kevlar motorcycle trousers are made from a high-strength synthetic fiber that is lightweight and resistant to abrasion. This makes them an ideal choice for riders who want the best possible protection against road rash and other injuries in the event of a fall.

Kevlar trousers are also more comfortable to wear than traditional leather motorcycle gear, and they offer better ventilation to keep the rider cool in hot weather.

In addition, kevlar trousers are often cheaper than comparable leather gear, making them a great value for riders on a budget. Whether you’re looking for the best possible protection or the best value for your money, kevlar trousers are a great choice for biking.


When looking for motorcycle trousers, it is important to find the right style and fit for you. You also need to make sure that they have good protection features so you can feel safe while riding. With the many different styles and types of biking trousers on the market, it shouldn’t be hard to find a pair that fits your needs perfectly.


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