Best Motorbike Top Box with Universal Fittings

Best Motorbike Top Box with Universal Fittings

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Firstly dedicated motorbike luggage can be expensive, in many cases a universal fitting top box can be the best motorbike top box option for many bikers.

In this article, Biker top box will take a look at some great universal fitting top box options that will be suitable for most motorbikes that have a rear rack mounting option.

What is a Universal Fitting Top Box?

The term universal fitting indicates that the method of securing this type of motorbike top box to the rack has various options for attaching the brackets that secure the top box in place securely.

In many cases, a universal fitting top box is a cost-effective way of adding storage to a motorcycle, many of which are built to a high standard and provide suitable storage capacity for general usage.

Our Best Motorbike Top Box with Universal Fitting Selection

TecTake Universal Fitting Motorbike Top Box

A TecTake top box is a great storage solution for smaller motorbikes, mopeds, or scooters, it features extra large and very stylish reflectors giving high visibility from behind for added safety, the top box is lockable with 2 keys.

Made from strong ABS plastic it is durable and also lightweight which means it will not affect the handling of the motorcycle when fitted.


  • External dimensions: 38cm x 40cm x 30cm
  • Internal dimensions: 33cm x 36cm x 27cm
  • Capacity: 22 Ltrs
  • Weight: 2 KG approx
  • Max Load: 5 KG

The TecTake motorbike top box includes a fitting kit and spare safety key and provides motorbike owners with an affordable option for adding storage to their bikes.

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AUTINBOX Large Universal Fitting Motorbike Top Box

This large top box with universal fittings by AUTOINBOX is large enough to store 2 helmets which makes it a great choice for larger motorcycles where a pillion rider can also take advantage of the large storage compartment.

The top box also includes built-in LED taillights for extra safety during the day or night riding.

Made from a special PP grade material the motorcycle top box is impact and wear-resistant very durable, scratchproof, and waterproof protecting stored items from the elements.

The universal mounting brackets fit easily to a luggage rack and the top box is lockable and comes with 2 keys.


  • Material: special grade PP material, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, scratch-proof, durable, and waterproof.
  • Base Plate Material: It is made of heavy plate steel that has been pressed to shape, very rigid.
  • Product Size:W575mm×D455mm×H305mm/22.6″ x 17.9″ x 12″
  • Volume Capacity: 47 Litre
  • Net Weight:11.2 pounds

The AUTOINBOX motorbike top box includes 1 x Top Box 2 x safety keys 1 x install instructions and a fitting kit.

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Ryde Universal Fitting Motorbike Top Box

The Ryde top box is one of the best-selling budget luggage boxes for motorbikes with a massive 48 Ltrs storage large enough for 2 full-face helmets.

The top box is also very stylish with a carbon effect look, this box fits onto a universal mounting plate that attaches to a motorbike rear rack and makes it easy to remove from the bike when unlocked.

The top box has 2 rear reflectors for safety and comes with 2 keys.


  • Height: 31.5cm (external)/29.5cm (maximum internal)
  • Width: 58cm (external)/54.5cm (maximum internal)
  • Depth: 44cm (external)/39.5cm (maximum internal)

Overall this Ryde motorbike top box is a great choice for larger motorbikes but could still easily be fitted to a smaller bike that has a rack, it is a best seller and one of our top universal fitting top box choices.

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Benefits of a Universal Fitting Top Box

The benefit of a universal fitting top box is that it can be fitted to almost any make of motorcycle that has a rack fitted, also universal top boxes are much less costly than a dedicated top box for a specific motorbike.

Fitting a Universal Top Box

Universal fitting top boxes come with brackets that mount onto a motorbikes rear rack, follow the instructions carefully to ensure the top box is mounted safely to the bike rack. If in any doubt of your capabilities mounting a top box it is advisable to seek out a professional to ensure it is fitted in the correct way.


In conclusion, a top box with a universal fitting kit is the perfect solution for bike storage especially if you are adding storage to your motorbike with a limited budget. The mounting kits are relatively simple to install and a rider can get lots of storage benefits when riding their motorcycle.


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