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Motorcycle Test Full Licence in the UK

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Obtaining a full motorcycle licence in the UK will require a motorcycle test that will allow riders to remove their L-Plates and enable the riders to ride larger motorbikes if they are over 24 years old. In this article, we take a look at the motorcycle test, what is involved and tips to successfully pass your full motorcycle test.

Requirements To Take a Full Licence Motorcycle Test

In the UK, it is necessary to have completed a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course on a motorcycle up to 125cc, this course provides valuable basic training that allows riders to gain experience before applying for their full motorcycle licence.

Full Licence Motorcycle Test

Once a rider has gained the required road experience after taking an initial CPC, the motorcycle rider can then apply to take a full motorcycle test to finally throw away the L-Plates, if the rider is over 24 years old they can do what is called a direct access test that will allow them to also move up to a larger motorbike.

The full motorcycle test is done in two parts called Mod 1 and Mod 2.

Mod 1 Motorcycle Test

The mod 1 motorcycle test is an off-road test of riding skills that the examiner will instruct you and test your competency on the bike.

The bike used for the test will be a larger machine than you have been used to normally a 500cc motorbike if you use the test centres motorbike. The larger motorbike provides more power, is heavier, and has much more stopping power with better braking than a smaller 125cc motorbike.

The mod 1 test comprises of 6 test parts.

  1. Simple manual handling,
  2. Slow riding.
  3. Slalom plus figure of 8 manouvers.
  4. Slow control
  5. U-Turn
  6. Information on high-speed maneuvers.

Mod 2 Motorcycle Test

The mod 2 motorcycle test will involve riding a motorcycle on the road, where the examiner can see how you have progressed as a rider and evaluate if you ride to a high enough standard to obtain your full motorcycle licence.

There are several parts to the test which the examiner will take you through and instruct you as the test develops.

  1. Eye test: the examiner will get you to read a registration plate to assess your vision, if you fail this first part the test is abandoned.
  2. Show me Tell Me Questions: The examiner will ask you questions and get you to show him or her scenarios such as how to check engine oil or your tyres for example, the questions will also incorporate some safety questions.
  3. Independent Ride: The independent ride is normally a 10-minute ride near the test centre where the examiner will not give you any instructions or guidance.
  4. Follow Signs and Instructions from the examiner: This part of the test involves the examiner giving you instructions via a helmet intercom where the examiner will instruct you where he or she wants you to ride.
  5. Safety and Control: finally you will be tested on safety aspects such as lifesaver checks (looking over your shoulder), mirrors, and indicators for example.

How to Get a Pass Result

The motorcycle test examiner will be marking you throughout the test, to pass you will require no serious or dangerous faults, also you will need no more than 10 minor riding faults.


In conclusion, it is important to gain as much road riding experience after completing a CBT, before applying to take your full motorcycle licence test.

The motorcycle test consists of two parts a Mod 1  and Mod 2, riding off-road to show control, and on-road to show you are a capable rider in full control of your motorbike.


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