Best Motorcycle Safety Gadgets

Best Motorcycle Safety Gadgets for a Safer Ride

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Technology advances to improve road safety when riding motorcycles has improved dramatically over the years so, in this article, we take a look at the best motorcycle safety gadgets that will give riders added protection and a safer motorcycle ride.

Our Top Pick! Cosmo Moto Motorcycle Helmet Brake Light

Detachable motorcycle helmet brake light that fits any style motorcycle helmet.


  • Cosmo Moto is the first removable rear brake light associated with a mobile application.
  • Fits any kind of helmet.
  • The device combines unprecedented visual security.
  • Fall detection technology that will instantly detect you had an accident.
  • Will notify relatives in less than 3 minutes with the transmission of GPS coordinates should an accident occur.


  • PMMA for optimal light diffusion (UV, shock, and V1/V2 fire-resistant).
  • Polycarbonate (UV, shock, and V0 fire-resistant).
  • Superior quality stainless steel screws (SUS316, identical to A4 stainless steel).
  • Thermoplastic elastomer seal.
  • Dimensions: 139 x 59 x 43mm.

Box Contains

Cosmo Moto, Micro-USB cable, Starter guide, Warranty, 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe.

Cosmo Moto In Night Mode

Reducing Risk When Motorcycle Riding

Firstly, motorcycle riding can be very dangerous unless the rider reduces as much risk as possible, motorcycle rider training is the first step to becoming a safe rider which includes completing a CBT (Compulsory Bike Training) and moving forward to taking a full motorcycle licence test.

But, what precautions can a rider take to reduce risk once these stages are complete?

The best motorcycle safety gadgets we show you in this article, are an example of extra devices a motorcyclist could use which will help with reducing risk when motorcycle riding.

Risk Factors

Visibility On The Road

Making yourself visible to other road users is an important part of motorcycle safety, high visibility can prevent accidents helping to keep the rider safe.

Condition of Motorcycle

Ensuring that your motorcycle is maintained correctly is important for road safety, defective parts on a motorcycle can reduce road safety drastically.

Rider Protection

Wearing the correct protective clothing will increase safety for a motorcycle rider, in the event of an accident quality safety gear can save your life.

Motorcycle Safety Gadgets

Below we have selected some great equipment that can improve motorcycle safety, gadgets that are not fitted as standard to a motorbike but will aid a motorcyclist to increase their personal risk factor when riding.

Motorcycle Dash Camera

A motorcycle dash camera although not directly a safety feature for a rider, is actually a great device for learning road safety.

A rider can evaluate their ride by watching footage afterwards that could indicate things he or she did wrong to improve safe riding.

Check out the VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam.

Motorcycle Spot Lights

Motorcycle spot lights will improve visibility when riding in the dark, auxiliary lights can provide enough extra light to prevent an accident especially on older motorcycles where the older style headlight does not provide as much light as newer machines.

These LED headlights provide a 3 mode option low beam, high beam, and flash.

Motorcycle 180 Degree Windscreen Rear View Mirror

This universal fitting mirror gives the motorcycle rider a 180-degree view behind it, the safety mirror fits simply inside the front windshield of a motorbike. Moving with the rider the mirror can provide valuable information even when leaning into a bend.

Motorcycle Sunglasses

Motorcycle sunglasses can provide extra safety when riding in bright sunlight. Our selection here is a wraparound design that does not impede a motorcycle helmet.

These Global vision motorcycle sunglasses are also shatterproof which is important for a biker’s safety plus they provide UV400 protection from the sun’s rays.

No products found.

Motorcycle Hand Guards

Motorcycle hand guards will protect your hands when riding a motorcycle, keeping control of a motorcycle requires throttle and clutch control so protecting this area is a perfect safety option.

Hand guards will provide protection from the weather but also debris from vehicles in front and bugs that may hit your hands when riding.

The hand guards we show here also have LED signal indicators for increased visibility.

Self Help Safety for Motorcycle Riding

As you can see by the best motorcycle safety gadgets shown in this article, simply being capable of riding a motorcycle can also be improved by adding safety equipment yourself.

Sometimes it is necessary to make informed choices to increase road safety on a motorcycle, adding safety gadgets can increase your safety but also make the riding experience more enjoyable knowing that you have taken every precaution possible to protect yourself should circumstances require it.


In conclusion, motorcycle safety gadgets can help a motorcyclist add extra measures to improve their personal risk factor when riding a motorcycle.

The examples that are shown in this article are all additional safety devices that can help improve motorcycle safety in various ways.

The Biker Top Box best motorcycle safety gadget top pick is the cosmo moto motorcycle helmet brake light, an innovative design that adds extra safety for motorcycle riders.

Cosmo Moto Helmet Brake Light


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