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Best Motorcycle Helmet Cam For Safety and Security

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Road safety for motorcyclists is important with the ever-increasing amount of traffic on the roads that bikers have to navigate, this article takes a look at the best motorcycle helmet cam that enables riders to record their journey to provide evidence if an incident should occur when riding a motorcycle.

What is a Motorcycle Helmet Cam?

A motorcycle helmet cam or camera is a device that attaches to a motorcycle rider’s helmet to record footage when riding a motorbike. The helmet cam has in recent years become a great asset to motorcyclists, recording valuable footage for a number of reasons.

  • Record Vital footage in the event of a motorcycle accident to show who was at fault.
  • Record footage of a motorcycle journey to review later for pleasure.
  • To record learner riders to show them footage that can correct their style of riding.
  • To record incidents such as altercations, or accidents that may not involve the rider, but can provide useful footage for authorities.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cam - Our Top Choice!

GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro Hero 9 is the ultimate recording device. The GoPro 9 produces 5K Ultra HD video with video stabilization which makes it the best motorcycle helmet cam option. The Hero 9 also has live streaming capabilities so if you are a fan of social media you can capture those amazing rides for your fans. The GoPro Hero 9 is a waterproof camera and boasts 30% more battery life for recording longer motorbike rides.

How to Attach a Motorcycle Helmet Cam

The best place to mount a helmet cam is on the bottom section of the helmet, this is called the chin mount, the camera is neatly tucked away so that it does not distract the rider or cause aerodynamic problems. I am sure some of my readers have seen riders with tall mounts rising up above the top of a motorcycle helmet using a sticky mount. We at biker top box do not recommend using this type of mount, if possible choose a chin mount it is much safer with no distraction and also achieves great results when filming.

Motorcycle Helmet Cam Chin Mount

This chin mount for a helmet is a great example with some great features:

FLEXIBLE SWIVEL ARM – 4 joins connected by screws can be mounted on the helmet Chin and allows you to capture shooting from different angles. Double safe protection, buckle sticker, and hanging rope are provided in case your camera falls off from the helmet.
ADHESIVE STICKER PAD – Strong waterproof sticky pads help to fix your helmet firmly. Plat and curved mount stickers are offered to make it possible for different surface mounting.
J HOOK – Mounting on the top of the helmet meets your demand for multi-degree shooting.
WRENCH – The wrench can adjust the screw of the arm to fix your shooting angle.
COMPATIBILITY – Suitable for most types of action cameras like GoPro Hero, Hero Black, Session, Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM, etc.

Motorcycle Helmet Cam Advantages

The main advantage of a motorcycle helmet cam compared to a camera mounted on the motorbike is that a helmet camera will move with the rider’s head.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, a motorcyclist will be looking at any danger, if the rider becomes detached from the motorcycle the camera will still record and get more relevant footage than a camera that is on its side pointing in whatever direction the motorbike settles.

Also, a motorcycle helmet cam will record much better footage for reviewing later on a personal level. If you are looking at something your head will be swayed towards it capturing that moment, when the camera is on the motorbike it does not move like a helmet camera and maintains a forwards view at all times.

The rear of a motorcycle helmet is also a great place to install a safety light for added safety for a rider, see our article safety gadgets for a safer ride.

Motorcycle Helmet Cam Disadvantages

The disadvantages with using a motorcycle helmet cam are that they require extra items to enable the rider to use them, such as a helmet mount as mentioned earlier in the article, and also an SD card to record any footage on your motorbike ride.

Recommended SD Card

The Gigastone 4K Camera Pro is the best motorcycle helmet cam choice for recording footage, compatible with the GoPro Hero 9 it will save your recordings perfectly to its massive 512GB storage. The SD card writes up to 100/80MB/s providing V30 U3 Class 10 performance.

Can I Use a Helmet Cam Legally?

Yes, it is legal to use a helmet camera providing it is mounted safely and does obstruct your vision or impede your motorbike riding.

It is also legal to record in public in the same way you can take photographs when out and about.

Many motorcycle riders record their trips for personal, protective, and safety reasons.

A motorcycle helmet cam can provide important evidence if you are involved in an accident which can also assist you with any insurance claims by simply reviewing the video footage to see who was at fault. 


In conclusion, the best motorcycle helmet cam is the GoPro Hero 9, in conjunction with a motorcycle helmet chin camera mount and a Gigastone 4K SD card you will be able to record all your motorcycle footage perfectly.

A motorcycle helmet cam is a great way to capture video evidence for insurance companies in the event of an accident but, is also amazing for recording your journey to watch later with friends or family.


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