Best motorcycle tool kit for touring

Best Motorcycle Tool Kit For Touring

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Firstly are you looking for the best motorcycle tool kit for your bike? in this article we show you our top choice tool kit for motorcycles that fits neatly under the motorbike seat, or can be stored easily within your motorbike luggage.

Why Carry a Motorcycle Tool Kit on a Motorbike?

A motorcycle tool kit is useful to have stored on a motorbike. When touring a motorbike can break down, or something may simply need tightening for you to carry on with your journey.

It would not be worth calling a recovery or breakdown service for a simple repair that could easily be fixed at the side of the road with a few simple tools.

Best motorcycle tool kit for repairs touring

Best Motorcycle Tool Kit - Our Top Choice

Sealey 28 Piece Underseat Motorcycle Tool Kit

The Sealy tool kit is compact but has plenty of maintenance tools for making simple repairs should a motorcycle have issues when touring.

The tools have soft-grip handles which are comfortable to use and are neatly stored in a zipped case.

Avoiding recovery at the side of a road can save time and money, a great motorcycle tool kit to own.

What Tools Should I Carry on a Motorcycle?

Our best motorcycle tool kit choice mentioned above, has all the necessary basic tools that could get you out of a real problem if you break down. In my experience unless it is an internal engine failure, most things can be repaired either temporarily or permanently at the side of the road.

The motorcycle tool kit will provide physical tools to tighten, loosen, cut or grip parts on the motorcycle. 

Other items I would carry on a motorcycle to aid with any repairs that may need to be sorted out at the side of a road would be the following.

Insulation Tape

PVC Insulation Tape 6 Pack
  • Electrical insulation tape set: 6 coloured rolls (Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, White, Black)

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Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kit

Tubeless Tyre Roadside Repair Kit
  • 🛠 【Kit with 15 Strings】 Car Van Truck Agri Tyre Tire Puncture Repair Kit With 15 Strings
  • 🛠 【 Durable & Safe】Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, RV, Dirt Bikes, Trailers, Trucks and Spare Tyre Repair Kit. Comes with 15 extra strong repair strings (Strings can be black or...

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Motorcycle Mini Tyre Inflator

Rechargeable Mini Battery Tyre Inflator up to 150PSI
  • Automative & Cordless Tyre Inflator: This portable air compressor has four pressure units: PSI, KPA,BAR and KG/CM2, and runs from 0-150 PSI. Preset and monitor tyre pressure,automatically shut off...

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Plastic Zip Ties

Assorted Zip Ties Pack of 100
  • ✅ Multiple Lengths Premium Cable Ties Heavy Duty ➔ Our Zip Ties Come With Assorted Cable Ties Sizes of 100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm. 25 of Each Size Per Pack. These Tie Wraps are the Perfect Cable Ties...

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Storing Tools on a Motorcycle

When touring or going for a long motorcycle ride it is always better to prepare for the worst. When a motorcycle suddenly breaks down at the side of a road in the middle of nowhere it can be scary and frustrating if you do not have any tools to fix a problem yourself. Many locations will have no telephone signal and you might have to walk for miles to get help.

Storing a few basic tools on your motorbike will enable you to at least try to get your bike moving again and get to a place of safety to assess if a more permanent repair will be required.

The best practice when storing tools on a motorcycle is to ensure they are easily accessible.

If there is room to store any tools you have for your journey under the motorbike seat that would be the best place to locate them.

Should your tools need to be stored within your luggage such as a top box, side panniers or tank bag, try to pack them at the top so if you do break down you do not need to completely unpack all of your kit to access them.

Wrap your tools up in a couple of old rags, this will stop them rattling when riding and the rags will be very useful when repairing the motorbike.

Motorcycle Breakdown in the Rain

There is nothing worse than a motorcycle break down in the rain. If you have a problem with your motorcycle and it is raining, try to locate shelter.

Push your motorcycle under a tree or bridge if possible, this will help keep the majority of the rain off you while you repair the motorbike.

If there are houses nearby ask the owner if you can use a shed, carport, or garage to make repairs, some people can be very helpful when others are in trouble, but watch out for big dogs!

If you cannot find shelter try to wait till the rain eases or stops before making any motorcycle repairs to anything electrical as you could cause further issues with water getting into electrical components.

Try to keep dry if at all possible, carry a motorcycle rain suit with you to ensure that protection from the rain can be easily achieved. Breakdowns can mean hours of waiting around before repairs can be attempted or mechanical help arrives.

Always ensure when riding a motorcycle that you carry any relevant contact details with you in case of a breakdown, phone numbers for any breakdown cover you have, and contact details for friends and family.

Simple reair items stored on your motorcycle can save you time and money, so always be prepared for motorcycle issues that may occur.

motorcycle breakdown in rain best motorcycle tool kit


In conclusion, it is a good idea to carry a tool kit on a motorcycle.

Extras such as insulation tape, puncture repair kit, zip ties, and a tyre inflator are also worth considering.

Try to shelter before making repairs if it is raining especially if working on electrical problems.

The best motorcycle tool kit we have chosen above is a great option for your motorbike.

Thank you for reading this article “Best motorcycle tool kit for touring” we hope you found it useful, but also hope you never need to use one happy biking!


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