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Best Motorbike Sat Nav for Easy Navigation

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Riding a motorbike with GPS is a great way to visit and find new places, finding the best motorbike sat nav for your bike will depend on the type of bike you own. In this article, we will show you the best motorbike sat nav devices available, perfect for navigating to your next destination, easily and safely.

Below we show you our top choice sat nav for motorbikes based on build quality, performance, ease of use, and practical features that a motorcyclist will require when riding motorcycles.

Best Motorbike Sat Nav - Our Top Choice!

TomTom Rider 500 Motorcycle GPS

Biker Top Box Top Choice Motorbike Sat Nav
5 Stars

Our Top motorcycle sat nav choice is the TomTom Rider 500, this GPS device has all the features required for perfectly navigating a motorcycle in the UK and Europe, we give this motorcycle sat nav our 5-star rating for quality, features, and performance.

TomTom Rider 500 Sat Nav Features

  • Updates Via Wi-Fi
  • Award Winning Quad-Core Processor
  • TomTom Services Via Smartphone
  • Voice Control
  • Speed Camera Updates
  • Hands Free Calling
  • Smartphone Messages
  • TomTom Traffic
  • Expert Navigation
  • Easy Route Sharing
  • Track Support, Trip Recording, and Statistics
  • Weatherproof
  • Smart Screen Technology
  • MyDrive Motorcycle Routes

The features that are shown above make this motorbike sat nav stand out from other brands, providing all the functions needed for a motorcycle journey whether it is a short or long ride.

The quad-core processor runs any command simultaneously which doubles the overall processing speed, this can increase its start-up time by up to five times which makes it a delight to use.

The TomTom Rider 500 motorcycle GPS is built with the superb build quality you would expect from a leading manufacturer, and has an IPX7 certified weatherproof design.

The capacitive touch screen is responsive and can even be used whilst you are wearing motorbike gloves.

TomTom provides automatic updates via wi-fi so there is no need to connect to a PC to keep the GPS updated, this ensures all maps are current and recent which keeps you safe when navigating difficult recently built new roads.

The 4.3-inch display screen can be switched between portrait and landscape mode plus it is has a high brightness threshold allowing the screen to be clearly visible even in bright sunshine.

Motorbike Sat Nav Price Comparisons

Updates Via Bluetooth
Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorbike Satellite Navigation System with...
Rain Resistant
Garmin zūmo XT All-Terrain Motorcycle Sat Nav, 5.5-inch Ultrabright...
TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 50, 4.3 Inch with Motorcycle Specific...
Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorbike Sat Nav
Garmin Zumo XT All Terrain Motorbike Sat Nav
TomTom Rider 50 Motorbike Sat Nav
Updates Via Bluetooth
Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorbike Satellite Navigation System with...
Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorbike Sat Nav
Rain Resistant
Garmin zūmo XT All-Terrain Motorcycle Sat Nav, 5.5-inch Ultrabright...
Garmin Zumo XT All Terrain Motorbike Sat Nav
TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 50, 4.3 Inch with Motorcycle Specific...
TomTom Rider 50 Motorbike Sat Nav

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You will probably notice that there are only two makes of motorcycle sat navs listed for comparison, this is because here at Biker Top Box we feel that TomTom and Garmin are the market leaders when it comes to GPS navigation devices.

Although these brands do come at a premium price they all have the quality that any motorcyclist should expect or require when it comes to Motorcycle sat nav navigation.

Where Should You Mount a Motorbike Sat Nav?

A sat-nav can be mounted on a motorbike in Four primary positions.

  1. The first is to mount the sat nav on the handlebars of the bike which will allow you to see the screen easily when riding this can be achieved using a handlebar mount, this type of mount can be either a bracket that fits with one of the bolts already on the bike, such as a fork stem bolt, or a wraparound mount that goes around the handlebar itself.
  2. The second position would be to place the motorbike sat nav in the uppermost section of a tank bag that is fitted with a transparent panel to purposely hold a GPS device or smartphone.
  3. The third position is to mount the GPS on the fuel tank using a RAM mount.
  4. The fourth position is to use a mirror mount for your GPS Device.

The handlebar mount, RAM mount, and mirror mount are normally a ball mount that connects to the bracket on the sat nav securely, some sat nav devices do vary so check installation guidelines for the model you choose.

Handlebar Mount

Tank Bag Mount

Fuel Tank Mount

Mirror Mount

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Motorbike Sat Nav

Motorbike GPS Systems need to have features that will provide accurate navigation as well as being able to withstand the rigors of being out in all weather conditions.

Key features to consider: 

Waterproofing: A motorbike sat nav needs to have a high waterproof rating to ensure it will withstand all types of weather conditions.

Durability: It is important that a Motorcycle GPS has a hard-wearing design, it is likely that a motorcyclist will be taking the motorbike sat nav off and on the bike frequently and it is likely it will get dropped on the odd occasion.

Screen Sensitivity: A quality motorbike sat nav will have settings for screen sensitivity that will allow adjustment so that it can be used wearing motorcycle gloves for example.

Routing: Motorcycle routes are somewhat different from cars especially when touring, finding mountain passes or out of the way routes will be beneficial for riding a motorbike through beautiful scenery and fun roads, a good motorbike sat nav will have this type of routing built-in.

Anti Glare Screen: An anti-glare screen will allow the rider to easily see the motorbike sat-nav screen even in bright sunlight which is a very useful feature.

Battery Life: A battery life of at least 4 hours is recommended for a motorbike GPS, it is widely known that the larger the screen on the GPS device the lower the battery life will be, so if a larger screen sat nav is what you require for your motorcycle you may need to make a trade-off between screen size and battery life.

Bluetooth: Modern motorbike GPS devices will have Bluetooth which is a handy feature for hands-free calling, listening to music, or even an intercom to talk to a pillion rider or riders in a group.

Top 5 Best Selling Motorcycle Sat Navs Currently in the UK

Below we show the top 5 best selling motorcycle sat navs currently selling on Amazon in the UK, this provides an indication of which GPS systems other motorcyclists are choosing for their motorbikes.

SaleBestseller No. 1
TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 500, 4.3 Inch, with Motorcycle...
  • Routes with more hills and more thrills: Get all the cornering, hills, and thrills you can handle with TomTom's Rider Motorcycle Sat Nav! Search, create, or import routes, then start your ride out.
  • Weather-proof build: TomTom's Rider motorcycle GPS Sat Nav's rugged, IPX7-certified weatherproof design and capacitive touchscreen remain under your control even when you are wearing gloves.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Garmin zūmo XT All-Terrain Motorcycle Sat Nav, 5.5-inch Ultrabright...
  • Larger and brighter 6” sunlight-readable display, built to withstand weather and handlebar vibrations with IPX7 design
  • Customise your journey with the new visual route planner, and with Garmin Adventurous Routing, choose between efficient routing or more thrilling adventures
Bestseller No. 3
Beeline Moto GPS Computer - Black | Worldwide Route Planning |...
  • EXPLORE WITH CONFIDENCE: Our computer has intuitive route navigation to find & follow routes effortlessly, even when you lose signal. The motorcycle Sat Nav has been rigorously tested & is constantly...
  • TRACK YOUR ADVENTURE: Our GPS has easy to follow directions with intuitive turn-by-turn directions all the way to your destination so that you can stay safe whilst riding. You can also connect to...
Bestseller No. 4
Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorbike Satellite Navigation System with...
  • Rugged, glove-friendly, sunlight-readable 4.3” display; resistant to fuel vapours, UV rays and harsh weather
  • Stay connected with hands-free calling, smart notifications, GPX file sharing for group rides and free live traffic and weather using the Smartphone Link app
Bestseller No. 5
[2023 Newest ] Carpuride W502 Motorcycle GPS Wireless Portable Apple...
  • Seamless Mobile and Headset Integration- Say goodbye to distractions and stay focused on the road. Connect your phonewirelessly to the carpuride w502 via CarPlay or Android Auto. This integration...
  • Dual Bluetooth- Enhance your riding experience with the convenience of dual Bluetooth connectivity. Sync the carpuride motorcycle 5 inch carplay screen with your smartphone and Bluetooth-enabled...

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Why Choose a Quality Motorcycle Sat Nav?

A motorcycle sat nav is a vital piece of kit for any serious motorcyclist. Not only does it help you to navigate your way around unfamiliar roads, but it also provides crucial information about traffic conditions and weather conditions. While there are many cheap sat navs on the market, they often lack the features and durability that are essential for motorcycle use. If you’re serious about motorcycling, then you should invest in a high-quality sat nav that is designed specifically for motorcycle use. With a dedicated motorcycle sat nav, you’ll enjoy enhanced features and durability, making it easy to get the most out of your riding experience.

A motorcycle sat nav can make a huge difference to a motorcyclist’s journey. Not only will it help them to stay on track, but it will also allow them to avoid any congestion or delays. However, with so many different sat navs on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. The cheapest option is not always the best, and a motorcyclist should try to purchase the best motorcycle sat nav that they can afford. A good sat nav will have up-to-date maps and live traffic updates, making it easy for the motorcyclist to plan their route and avoid any delays. It is also important to choose a sat nav with a large screen, so that the motorcyclist can easily see where they are going. With so many different features to consider, it is important to do some research before choosing a motorcycle sat nav. However, if a motorcyclist takes the time to find the best option for their needs, they will be able to enjoy a stress-free journey.


In conclusion, the TomTom Rider 500 motorcycle GPS is our top choice for navigating a motorcycle, packed full of features that provide ease of use, functionality, and superb build quality.

Wi-Fi updates on a motorbike sat nav will ensure all maps and traffic services are kept up to date easily to ensure safe navigation for motorcycle riders.

There are two top brands that stand out from the crowd for motorbike navigation TomTom and Garmin.

We hope you found this article useful for choosing a GPS system for your bike.


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