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Motorcycle Rain Suits Stay Dry Riding a Motorbike

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Motorbike riders are often caught out by weather conditions, motorcycle rain suits are the best way of being prepared to ensure that the rider remains dry and comfortable when riding a motorcycle. In this article, we will show some of the best motorcycle rain suits that are easy to store on a motorbike but also quick and easy for a motorcycle rider to wear over their normal biking gear.

What types of Motorcycle Rain Suits are Available?

There are different methods that motorcycle riders use to keep dry on a motorbike, the most common method is to carry a one-piece motorcycle rain suit this is called an oversuit that can simply be worn over the top of normal biking gear when the weather changes on route.

The second type is a dedicated waterproof suit that can be worn instead of normal biking gear, this type of suit is normally padded and includes some sort of protection for the rider.

Another type of motorcycle waterproof clothing is to have a two-piece option such as a pair of waterproof overtrousers, and a separate waterproof motorcycle over jacket.

One Piece Motorcycle Waterproof Oversuit

Motorcycle Waterproof Suit with Protection

Two Piece Motorcycle Waterproof Oversuit

Motorcycle Ride Weather Preperation

When preparing for a motorcycle ride weather protection is an important consideration, most motorbike clothing will give some protection for light showers but will not keep you dry in extreme weather.

Carrying a motorcycle rain suit is a very good idea. try to store the suit where it can be accessed quickly, this will prevent you from becoming soaking wet when the heavens open and you suddenly encounter heavy rain.

Most motorcycle rain suits have a waterproof storage bag so that they do not get wet should the weather change suddenly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to ride a motorbike in the rain?

It is safe to ride a motorbike in the rain if you have prepared yourself for this type of weather, waterproof motorcycle suits will keep you dry making riding more comfortable, keep your speed down because roads can be more dangerous as the rain will make oil, dirt, and spillages on the road surface more slippery. 

Which Type of Motorcycle Rain Suits is Best?

In my opinion, a one-piece waterproof motorcycle oversuit is best for preparing yourself for rainy weather when riding a motorbike, they are easy to store on a motorcycle and give full protection keeping you dry when riding.

Can Waterproof Motorcycle Rain Suits be Used for Other Things?

Waterproof motorcycle suits keep bikers dry when riding a motorbike, they can also be used for other things such as washing a motorbike with a pressure washer, or keeping bikers dry if they take a break from riding. 

Seasonal Motorbike Riding

There are many motorcycle riders that will ride their motorbikes all year round, it may be their only form of transport. 

There are other riders that will ride with the seasons choosing the best weather suitable for a pleasant day’s motorbike riding experience.

Seasonal riders tend to park motorbikes up for the winter or long periods of bad weather.

Whichever type of rider you are I am sure you will know that even in the better weather months things can change when riding long distances from home, so a waterproof motorcycle rain suit can protect you all year round.

Best Selling Motorcycle Rain Suits


In conclusion, motorcycle rain suits will protect a bike rider from getting wet when the weather changes riding a motorbike.

Waterproof over suits are easy to store on a motorcycle because they pack away into a small waterproof bag.

There are different methods of keeping dry on a motorcycle including a one-piece motorcycle oversuit, a motorcycle waterproof suit with protection, and a two-piece motorcycle waterproof suit.

A motorcycle rain suit should be stored at the top of your luggage so it can be accessed quickly if the weather changes when riding a motorbike.

Thank you for reading this article “Motorcycle rain suits stay dry riding a motorbike” we hope you found it useful when choosing a suit that will keep you dry on your motorbike.


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