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Motorcycle Luggage Amazing Types of Bike Storage

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Many people would assume that a motorcycle would not be able to carry much luggage, but it is amazing how much motorcycle luggage can be placed onto a bike with the correct accessories.

Motorcycle Luggage Methods That Work

Firstly a motorbike is a powerful and economic form of transport that many road users are choosing to use for commuting.

As more people choose to ride bikes the more they need to carry items with them on their motorbikes.

Motorcyclists ride bikes for many different reasons, many choose to ride a motorcycle to work, some for weekend rides for the thrill, and others are hard-core bikers who go everywhere on a motorbike day and night.

Finding the best methods to add luggage capabilities to a motorbike really does depend on your circumstances, but having the capability of carrying lots of motorbike luggage can make biking much easier.

Let’s take a look at the various types of motorbike luggage that can be added to a bike. 

Motorbike Top Box

A top box is one of the most common types of motorbike luggage storage options, the top box fits easily onto a rack located at the rear of a motorbike, most bikes will have the capability of installing a rack to fit a top box onto.

A top box will provide plenty of storage, and allow a rider to secure their luggage by locking it inside the box.

Motorbike Tank Bag

The motorbike tank is getting more popular for carrying luggage on a motorbike, the tank bag is very easy to fit and is located on top of the motorbike’s fuel tank.

A good quality tank bag will allow the rider to unzip the bag and carry it around as a shoulder bag or backpack enabling the biker to keep valuables with them at all times.

Motorbike Panniers / Saddlebags

Panniers or also known as Saddlebags are a type of motorcycle luggage storage that is located at the side of a motorbike towards the rear, they usually fit the bike via straps that connect together under the motorbike seat.

The saddlebag panniers offer plenty of storage and should be used in pairs to maintain balance on the motorcycle.

They fit by means of straps to secure them tightly under the seat and also to the frame of your bike.

Motorbike Side Boxes

Motorbike sideboxes are normally made from tough plastic or alloy metal, they fit in a similar position to saddlebags, the difference is that they are normally a solid fixing to the frame of the motorbike, unlike the saddlebags which are connected with straps.

The benefit of side boxes is they are normally lockable similar to a top box for added security.

Motorbike Tail Bag

A motorbike tail bag is a luggage carrier that fits onto the rear rack of a motorbike, this can be used instead of a top box or in some cases on top of a top box where a top box upper rack is installed.

Motorcyclist Backpack

The motorcyclist backpack is a great way of carrying luggage on a motorcycle, it enables the rider to carry a variety of items usually light luggage.

The backpack-type of motorbike luggage storage is perfect for motorcyclists commuting to work, going on weekend trips, or even local shopping.

Backpacks for motorbikes are normally aerodynamic and very comfortable to wear.

Motorbike Sissy Bag

The motorbike sissy bag is a motorcycle luggage option for motorbikes that have a seat backrest installed, usually with a backrest for the pillion rider. The bag attaches to the backrest with straps, the seat backrest is also commonly called a sissy bar.

Packing Motorcycle Luggage

As you can see from the examples above there are many options for adding luggage to a motorbike, if multiple options were used on a motorcycle there would be a lot of storage capacity for carrying all the kit a biker would need.

Packing luggage into motorbike bags or boxes has to be done correctly to enable the rider to travel safely and comfortably.

When packing motorcycle luggage it is best practice to balance the weight of items so that one side of the bike is not much heavier than the other, incorrect packing can cause a motorcycle rider problems when cornering if the distribution is not correct.

Another valuable point when packing away items in your motorbike bags or boxes is to pack items that you will need less towards the bottom of the bags, items such as spare clothing or toiletries.

Luggage items that are likely to be needed during your biking trips, such as motorcycle waterproofs, wallet, phone, drinks, or snacks should be packed at the top, or in pockets that are easy to access quickly.

Useful Luggage Accessories for Motorbiking

Lastly, let’s take a look at some accessories that are very useful when carrying luggage especially when touring or on long trips.

Motorbike Cargo Net

A motorbike cargo net is a great item to carry with you when riding your motorbike.

Sometimes when packing your luggage before a motorbike trip you think you have everything packed perfectly.

Very often when out on your motorbike you may buy something or need to add to the luggage originally packed.

A cargo net will allow bikers to add extra items onto their already packed luggage.

First Aid Kit

A simple first aid kit can very often be overlooked when packing motorbike luggage, a small kit will fit neatly into one of your bag pockets or easily in the storage compartment under the motorbike seat.

Unexpected things can happen on a biking trip so it is better to be prepared for all eventualities.

Motorbike Tool Kit

Similar to a first aid kit, a motorbike tool kit should always be part of your motorcycle luggage, a tool kit can fit under the motorbike seat and be very useful if problems should occur when you are out riding on long or even short motorbike trips.

Motorcycle tool kits will have all the basic tools required for minor repairs and could save you calling out a breakdown service which will save time and money.


In conclusion, there are many motorcycle luggage options that can be used for all types of motorbikes large or small.

With so many different types of motorbikes in the marketplace, riders will choose the motorcycle luggage solutions that suit them best.

Carrying luggage on a motorbike requires careful packing to maintain a balanced weight distribution to ensure safety when cornering. 


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