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Best Motorbike Cover Motorcycle Protection Outdoors

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Looking for the best motorbike cover? protecting a motorbike outdoors is an important part of motorcycling, in this article we show you our top choice motorbike cover that will protect your bike from the elements all year round.

Favoto Motorbike Cover All Year Round Protection for Motorcycles

The Best Motorbike Cover for protecting motorcycles from the elements plus an anti-theft lock-hole design for added security outdoors


  • High-Quality Fabric for Ultimate Motorcycle Protection
  • Lock-Hole Design
  • 3 Reflection Strips
  • Easy Storage
  • Fits Large Motorbikes
  • Storage Bag
  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Heavy Duty Tie Down Straps
  • Elastic Bottom Cord for a snug fit


The Favoto motorbike cover is made of premium quality polyester fabrics with silver coating inside. Reduces the damage of ultraviolet rays, non-abrasive plus mildew resistance. It helps protect your motorcycle’s paintwork from rain, heat, dust, sun, scratches, etc. The cover also provides overall protection for genuine leather seats.

Why Favoto?

Favoto only focuses on using quality materials and is committed to providing the best products and quality of service for their customers. 

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"The best motorbike cover I have ever had it is so easy to put on the bike, it is real quality I would recommend it to anyone who keeps their bike outside"
Stuart davies
Motorbike Rider
"I keep my motorbike under my carport and this cover is brilliant, I can even connect to my ground anchor through the covers security holes, a great item!"
Graham Thomas
Motorbike Rider

Why Use a Motorbike Cover?

A cover will protect your bike from all types of weather conditions, a good cover will fit your motorbike snugly so that when you want to ride your bike it will be just as you left it and not be damaged by the elements when left outside.

Many riders assume that a motorbike cover is something that is only used during the winter to protect it from snow, ice, or when it is raining, this is not the case.

A cover for your motorbike is just as important during sunny days due to UV rays that can harm parts of a motorcycle. UV rays can impact paintwork on a motorbike causing the paintwork to fade in colour or even cause lacquer peel.

UV Rays from the sun can also dry out plastics and rubber making them brittle or possibly even crack, leather is another part of a motorcycle that can be damaged by the sun’s rays such as a genuine leather motorcycle seat.

During other seasons a motorbike cover will protect the bike from dust, leaves, or tree sap.

Motorcycle without motorbike cover

Wintertime is obviously a time of the year when many riders really need a motorbike cover when leaving a bike outside or in a shed or garage.

Cold elements can penetrate into a bike causing many issues if not protected with a quality cover for your motorbike. 

Important Points Using a Cover On Your Motorbike

Do not cover a motorbike if the engine and exhaust are still hot.

If possible clean a motorbike before covering, if sand or grit is on the surface of the paintwork the cover could cause scratches to the paintwork, or chrome when in contact with the bike.

Ensure the cover is kept clean and dry before covering the motorbike especially if you intend the bike to be covered for a long period, moisture on the inside of a cover could freeze during the winter possibly causing damage to your bike.

During the winter months make sure your bike has a coating of wax and that the motorbike chain is oiled sufficiently when storing for long periods of time.

If you happen to get a nice day to uncover the motorbike check periodically that there are no issues such as creatures taking shelter or spiders making webs etc, also this will give you an opportunity to start the bike and put a little charge into the battery plus lubricate engine parts such as pistons, ensure the bike is cool before replacing the cover.

Protecting a Motorcycle Outdoors

Leaving a motorcycle outdoors does pose some risk, not only from the elements but also from thieves who may want to steal your bike or remove parts from it.

If a motorcycle is left outdoors simple measures can be taken to reduce any risk of damage or theft of your motorbike.

Installing a ground anchor is the best security measure providing a secure point that a lock and chain can be attached to.

Try to park the bike in a shadowed area so it is not easily visible by passers-by, to the rear of a property is the best place if possible.

A ground anchor is easy to install by simply making a hole and filling it with concrete to hold the bolts that secure a ground anchor in place.

If a concrete pathway is present then the bolts can be secured directly into the concrete with a drill. 

Oxford LK404 Anchorforce Ground Anchor. Motorcycle High Security Sold...
  • The AnchorForce is an extra strong bolt-down ground anchor. With a hardened steel construction providing a secure anchor point for all chains and cable locks.
  • Having been rigorously tested the AnchorForce it achieved the new Sold Secure Diamond rating
  • Fits all cable locks and Oxford chains upto 16mm link diameter
  • Hardened steel construction provides a secure anchor point for chains and cables
  • Can be fitted to concrete floors and concrete/brick walls
OXFORD BRUTE FORCE GROUND ANCHOR Motorcycle, Motorbike, Scooter...
  • Hardened steel bolt-down anchor for walls and floors.
  • All fixings are supplied and with the allen key.
  • Bolts protected by ball bearings and then when you chain is in place the bolts are covered.
  • Compatible with all Oxford range of security chain.
  • Sold Secure.
Oxford Security Of159 Oxford HD Chain Lock, Black
  • Zinc coated to prevent corrosion
  • Case hardened chain resists bolt cutters
  • ChainUpgraded 10mm chain links made from Cro-Mo grade steel.
  • Tough double locking padlock with hardened steel shackle
  • Cloth sleeve protects paintwork

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In conclusion, a waterproof cover can be used all year round to protect a motorcycle from the sun, wind, dust, leaves, snow, ice, and rain.

It is important to leave a motorbike engine cool before placing a cover over it.

When leaving a motorbike covered for long periods a coating of wax plus making sure the chain is oiled sufficiently will help protect the bike from the elements.

Regular checks during the winter months on a nice day will prevent the motorcycle from being harmed by creatures such as spiders webs etc.

Starting a motorbike periodically when being stored for long periods of time will help to keep the battery charged plus ensure the engine parts such as pistons are kept lubricated.

Securing a motorcycle to a ground anchor will help protect a motorbike from theft when left outside.

Favoto Our Best Motorbike Cover Choice

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